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Homegrown produce and locally grown fruits and vegetables from states like kentucky, tennessee, florida, indiana, california, alabama, and georgia.  Prices, shipping, and produce information can be found here along with educational videos and local tweets from local folks.

When shopping for the best fruits and vegetables there is nothing better that good, honest homegrown produce. 

Some of the best produce such as watermelons, canteloupes, and tomatoes can be found early in the year coming from states like Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.  Later on in the middle of summer states like Tennessee and Kentucky start to have their produce come in the season and states like Indiana aren't far behind.  The big homegrown produce hub is California.  They produce most of the food that you get in your grocery stores. 

There are great farmers markets around the United States.  One of the best is in Birmingham Alabama where you can find fresh produce brought in from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  They even ship from Mississippi and Louisiana when they're fruits and vegetables are in season.  Click here to learn more about the prices and availability.

The states of South Carolina and North Carolina are also famous for great peaches.  New Jersey is known for good peaches as well.  Hawaii is famous for its pineapples and California is the grandaddy of them all in terms of the amount of different fruits and vegetables grown.

If you would like to learn more about produce visit the produce blog or to get daily produce prices and see how much homegrown produce is selling for in your area visit one of our sponsors. 

For schools, churches, or non-profits looking for a way to make money, you might talk with some of your local homegrown produce growers to come up with a fun profitable fundraiser selling locally grown fruits and vegetables.  A produce fundraiser could produce great results for both parties involved.

Pennsylvania has a big group of dutch amish who grow produce.  To find a good farmers market click hereNew York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon are all big fruit and vegetable producing states.